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West Ridge Middle School




Principal, West Ridge MS

After serving nearly two decades as assistant principal, Ms. Bacon has cultivated strong relationships within the West Ridge community, earning the trust and respect of students, parents and staff alike. Her understanding of the school's dynamics, coupled with her steadfast consistency during principal transitional periods, uniquely positions her to lead West Ridge to continued excellence.

Erika's roots in the Westlake community run deep, having been a student at Forest Trail, Valley View, West Ridge and Westlake High School. This familiarity not only underscores her personal connection to the community but also equips her with invaluable insights into the needs and expectations of the community in which she was raised and she now serves.

As she assumes the role of principal, Ms. Bacon brings a passion for education and an unwavering dedication to student success. Under her guidance, West Ridge Middle School is poised to thrive and flourish, continuing the spirit of excellence that defines the West Ridge community.

Assistant Principals


Assistant Principal, West Ridge MS

6th Grade M-Z, 8th Grade


Assistant Principal, West Ridge MS