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West Ridge Middle School


Phone: (512) 732-9240 Ext. 0
WRMS Email:
Fax: (512) 732-9249

Your child needs to arrive at school by 9:45 AM for the school to receive funding.

Attendance Notes: We are paperless. All notes are filed electronically in student folders. 

We DO NOT use Smart Tag for “Attendance Dismissal” in middle school. It is used only for the bus. Please make your child aware if you have a change of plans on how they are going home. 

Students leaving during the school day - Please follow the procedures below whenever possible:

  • Please give us plenty of notice when picking up your child, 45 minutes is appreciated. 

  • If your child is going to be absent, please email attendance the evening before or the morning of the absence.  Please be sure to include the student’s full legal name and the reason for the absence. If your child arrives late or leaves early for a doctor appointment, please follow up with a doctor note (take a picture of it and email it to attendance). All notes must be emailed and received within 5 school days of the absence. 

  • You may ask your child to come to the office if it is between class or at lunch. 

  • If they are leaving in the middle of class, please ask them to come by the office and pick up a pass. They need to show this to the teacher to be allowed to leave. 

  • Students need to check in with the office if they arrive late or return during the school day. The office will give them a pass to class for their teacher. 

  • If you are picking up your child please email Please be sure to include your child’s first and last name and the time when you need to pick them up.  When you arrive, ring the doorbell on the wall outside the front door (or call the front office) and we will send them out to you! Also, be sure to email a copy of the doctor's note as we are filing all notes electronically. 

  • Doctor notes must be received by email within 5 school days of the absence in order for the absence not to count against attendance and qualify for state school funding. 

  • FYI: They must be here at least one period for it to be excused for funding.

  • If someone is picking up your child that is not listed in your Emergency Contacts (in Skyward) please make sure you state that in your email.

We will not accept phone calls to clear an absence. We must have written documentation within 48 hours of return, preferably by email, that states reason and date of absence. If you are unable to send an email please send a written note with your child upon their return. 

It is essential that students check in and out through the Attendance Office to keep the child's attendance accurate. Ten absences, not school-related, in one class will trigger an attendance court filing under the State of Texas Compulsory Attendance Law. 

Please refer to the school calendar and bell schedule when making appointments and travel days. It will aid you in planning visits as to not miss instructional time and school days. Absences for personal reasons and personal appointments (example: Passport Office,  ACL, etc) will not be excused. You may make-up your work 100% if the absence has been documented and the student has checked in and out through attendance. Please check with your teacher in regards to their policy for test make-up.