August 30, 2018



Greetings, Wildcat Families!!!


It has truly been a great WEEK to be a Wildcat!  Thank you to those who were able to join us for the Back to School Nights.  The excited energy in the air makes those long days feel shorter than they really are, and I appreciate that!  I will say again that I am extremely thankful to get to join such an amazing community of kids, parents, and educators.  

I have to share my favorite quote of the week from a student who randomly shared this during a passing period.  "This place is so cool. It's just like the airport, except there's not a Starbucks!" This is simply one example of the brief interactions that we get to have every day with our kids that bring us little moments of laughter and joy.  Some moments are huge, and some are small. Some make sense in the moment, yet some may not. They all have an impact.

Here are a few bits of information for you:


6th Grade Website:  I recently received a link to an AWESOME website created by one of our former students (who is currently at WHS) that would have been great to share before school started. I am so sorry that I didn't get it out sooner! If you are new to WRMS, you should click on the following link to check it out! A Digital Guide to Sixth Grade

Delivery Carts: If you need to get something to your child during the day, we have developed a new system. When you enter the front door, you may notice three shelves along the wall on the right side. Each is labeled with a grade level. All you need to do is notify your child (preferably via email) that you are dropping off whatever it is and when. You can simply put their name on it and place it on the shelf for the appropriate grade level. Then they will swing by and pick it up!

Birthdays:  I know that we all get excited about birthdays and want our friends and family to feel special for his or her birthday. knew there was a however, right? Please refrain from sending your wildcat with balloons, cupcakes, etc. Also, I have noticed some lockers wrapped with wrapping paper, which was pretty cute. That is just fine as long as there are not items hanging from or protruding from the locker. Also, any decorating should be something that can be easily removed (nothing written directly on the locker). We appreciate your help in keeping our focus on learning.


Thank you for letting us borrow your kids each day.  I hope you are all able to have a relaxing three-day weekend with some quality family time.  


Dianne Carter



Destination Imagination

It's time for Destination Imagination! Student teams can participate in all grades, K-12.

There will be a district-wide parent info meeting about this awesome creative problem solving organization at 6:00 PM on September 12, 2018, at the EISD Board Room.

Please see the attached flyer for more information! Destination Imagination Flyer

Career Day


When your talents match with doing something you love, your success is a special story to tell. It is not often when a career fully satisfies a person's soul - you literally love what you do; you're good at it; you're passionate about it. If this is you, the WRMS Career Day committee would like to invite you to tell your story to our 8th-grade students at Career Day Thursday morning November 15th from 8:35-10:20 am. By donating less than two hours of your time, you will inspire a child and potentially put them on a path of similar talents, gifts, and interests such as yours. In just 10 minutes, presenting to a small group of students, you can describe what you do, demonstrate the skills the job needs, mentor them on daily responsibilities, and recount how and when you knew this was what you were meant to be doing. If you have any questions or need more information to help with your decision to share your time and talents with the students, please do not hesitate to contact Career Day Chair Patricia Baumhart at


Nurse/Counseling Department Needs Your Help!

During the year, it is helpful to have snacks on hand throughout the day for students in need. Families in the past have been so kind to donate favorite snacks for us to keep in our offices. Popular items include: Individual packages of mac and cheese, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, packets of oatmeal, goldfish, individual bags of chips/popcorn, graham crackers/animal crackers, beef jerky.
Please bring all donations to the front office. We greatly appreciate all your help and thank you in advance!


The Elite Visual Ensemble at Westlake High School is currently doing outreach for new cadet members from the Eanes ISD middle schools. They are hosting a clinic for all middle school students on September 8th so please see the following flyer and form if you are interested.


EVE Colorguard Clinic



Westlake Youth Basketball Association ("WYBA") is a non-profit organization serving the Eanes Schools and Westlake Community Since 1994.


They invite you to register for the upcoming 2018 Fall Skills/Workout Session and WYBA 2018-19 Winter Season.  The Fall Skills/Workout Session is for grades 3-6. It is designed to prepare the players for the Winter League. All Eanes eligible students, Kindergartners through 12th Grade are eligible to play in the Winter League.  Don't wait, join the 1100+ Eanes students for another great Winter Season and help us support the EANES schools. To learn about the programs and register go online at  



It was great to see you all at our Back to School nights. We hope you and your families are settling into the school routine. We are so excited about the new school year and hope you feel the same!


Please note that Picture Day is Friday, September 14th. Stay tuned for more details.



The $25 WRMS Campus Fee helps fund school expenses including printer costs, copy paper, classroom teaching supplies, tissues, and transportation costs for field trips. Without this, our campus budget isn't adequate to cover these costs.  You can easily pay on the Wildcat Club web site OR send in cash/check (payable to The Wildcat Club).  Thank you for all your support!


"WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL" Wildcat Club General Meeting

September 14, 2018 at 9:00am

WRMS Library


Join us for our first WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL Wildcat Club Meeting! Carl Hooker, the Director of Innovative and Digital Learning for Eanes ISD, will be our special guest to talk about the technology that our children are using and what we should be doing about it. This is sure to be VERY informative and insightful! It is also a great way to meet other parents and get involved!

No Hassle Fundraiser

This is our one and only fundraiser for West Ridge Middle School. No selling, no baking, NO HASSLE! All donations stay at WRMS to benefit our students and WRMS staff.

We work directly with the principal, staff and parents to identify and address needs at West Ridge. We strive to use EVERY dollar of your donation effectively and responsibly to keep our school exemplary!


Student Support

-      Career Day

-      Library Books/Database

-      Medieval Festival

-      Paw Prints Program

-      STAR Student Program

-      UIL and other Student Competition Fees

-      Celebration West Ridge

Teacher Support

-      Professional Development and Training

-      Classroom Setup and Supplies

-      Subscriptions, Publications and Dues

-      Counselor Support

-      Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

-      Staff Appreciation Week

Campus Support

-      Campus Improvements

-      21st Century Classrooms

-      Grounds Maintenance

-      Crossing Guard


We strive for 100% of our WRMS families to participate in NHF. Any amount donation will help get us to that goal. Please donate today!


Don't Want to Miss a Thing This Year at WRMS?

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Karen Martin and Terri Ganem-Budiselich

WRMS Wildcat Club Co-Presidents


Visit the GT webpage for more information on our Gifted/Talented Program:

Enrichment Catalog Fall 2018

The Fall Eanes ISD Community Education Enrichment Catalog is out! Take a look at the variety of options we have - sports, languages, performing arts, robotics and more.  View Fall Enrichment Catalog.

September 12, 2018, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Find out more about the benefits of DI and his year’s challenges! Learn about how teams are formed on your campus, student workshops, and team manager training. Click title for more details.


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