Meet Nurse Susan Murphy, RNC
Welcome to West Ridge!

Communication between parents, students and the nurse is essential in providing a positive school health experience. Please let me know if your child has a special health requirement so we may discuss specific approaches in meeting those needs.

The EISD medication policy states all medications must be kept and given in the nurses’ office. Please understand that by following the medication procedure, you will be preventing medication errors due to possible confusion or miscommunication. Medications MUST be in the original container or labeled prescription bottle accompanied by a completed PERMISSION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION form. Medication can be given for one day without this form if permission is received in the form of a hand written note stating the name of the medication, the dosage, and the time to be given. Medication received in any other form (Example: plastic baggies) can not be given! Your pharmacist will dispense a properly labeled school supply container upon your request. Medication given longer than 2 weeks must have the bottom portion of the medication form completed by the prescribing physician. For the safety of all students, medications will not be sent home with students. Parents must pick up their child’s medications for the nurse. Medications will be discarded at the end of the school year if not picked up.

All Physical Education excuses must be referred to the nurses’ office. Students that need to be excused from PE must bring a written excuse from a parent or physician to the nurses’ office before first period.

The 77th Texas Legislature signed into law mandating Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) screening for all 3rd, 5th and 7th graders. AN is a skin condition that signals high insulin levels in the body which puts a person at risk for Type 2 diabetes and other chronic health problems. This screening will be held early in the fall semester in conjunction with 7th grade vision and hearing screening. 

Eighth grade scoliosis/spinal screening will be held in the spring. Referral forms will be sent home if further evaluation is recommended. If you have any objections to your child participating in the screening, please notify me by letter or phone.

Immunization records will be updated throughout the school year.  Please see New 7th Grade Immunization Requirements for 2009-10 in Department Files below for new requirements for incoming 7th graders for the 2009-10. 

If your child has a fever (100 degrees or higher) or vomiting in the evening or morning before school, he/she should NOT come to school that day. This policy supports the ill child and prevents unnecessary exposure of other students to illnesses. Please report communicable diseases (Example: chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis, strep throat, Fifth’s Disease, etc.) to the nurses’ office.

Your knowledge and experience with your child is a valued part of their health care. Please call me at 732-9245, if you have any questions or concerns. My goal is to help your child develop a positive self image and increase their health awareness.

Thank you,
Susan Murphy, RNC

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