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Can I get insurance for my iPad through the school? – Students are given the option of purchasing an insurance plan for $35 dollars through the school.  This insurance covers damage and loss/theft.  If an iPad is lost or stolen, the student is still responsible for up to 30% of the appraised value of the iPad.

What if it breaks? Cracks? – If you have the school insurance, turn it in immediately to the Juice bar in the WHS Research Center.  You will only be given a replacement iPad when we have received payment for the damages.

Can I get in my home folder? – Yes.  We use a service called WebDav to navigate to your home folder.  Currently there is an app called iFiles that is the fastest way to get in an out of your home folder.  Instructions are posted here: 

Are there tutorials available? – The tutorials section covers a variety of topics such as "Getting Started" and how to connect to your home folder.

How will I get school-issued apps? - Self Service is an app that's on your iPad that the district uses make paid for apps available to you to redeem for free.

Why does Self Service say "iPad is not authorized to see Self Service"? 
- This means you have renamed your iPad and it is no longer recognized on our App service console.  To fix this, name your iPad back to the serial number on the back of the iPad.
What if I want to buy my own app? –
 Students are allowed to purchase their own apps as long as they are appropriate and comply with the RUG.  Remember that the main purpose of the iPad is that of a learning tool.

What if I want an app for my entire class? – There is an App Request on (Eduphoria) Formspace that you’ll need to fill out to order the app.  Dept. Head’s will be charged with organizing the students into their subject area groups in the App Console.  Once those groups have been created, they can purchase and provision apps to the students. The students will have to go to the Self Service app to redeem the app.

Why do I need a passcode? – While it might seem as a mild inconvenience, the passcode is the first line of defense when an iPad goes missing.  Since a great deal of  your information is posted on the device, it’ll form some protection against your data and email.

Why do I need an iTunes account? – In order to redeem apps, you’ll need an iTunes account to associate the app with.  There are tutorials on how to set up an iTunes account without a credit card.

Can I use my personal account? – You can use your own personal account, however, it's advisable that you create one with your eanesisd.net email account for school uses.  You can easily switch between accounts on the iPad.  Here areinstructions for how to set up an iTunes account without a credit card.

How do I clean this? – Use a microfiber cloth like those used for glasses or sunglasses, a tissue, or even the dry sleeve of a shirt.  Please do not use liquid to clean the screen.

Where can I buy a cover? – There are a lot of online resources, but if you’d like to purchase in person – Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Big Lots, Target, Apple Store, Tuesday Morning, etc. all carry them.  Make sure it’s for the iPad2 as you’ll need a hole for the camera on the back.

What's the temperature threshold on an iPad? - The iPad has a built in sensor that alerts you when the internal temperature gets above 113 degrees.  While this is just a warning, it will eventually shut itself down to try and save it's internal parts.  Sustained temperatures over 130 degrees can cause permanent damage, so don't leave it in your car during Texas summers!

What is eBackpack?  -  eBackpack is an assignment, storage, and collaboration service. eBackpack provides teachers, students, and administrators personal and group storage for assignments, handouts, and homework. eBackpack goes beyond a storage only solution by providing workflow and collaboration - homework drop boxes supporting student turn in, teacher review, and online discussion. It is safe, secure, and accessible 24/7 from any internet connected computer or mobile device. Watch the eBackpack intro video here.

Where can I learn more about eBackpack? - Go to https://www.ebackpack.com/