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Adopt-A-Family 2016

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Thank you for participating in this meaningful service project! The holidays are a wonderful time for many of us full of family and good cheer, but it's a good time to remember those in our community that have very little. Below are wish lists in alphabetical order by Wildcat period teacher. These are lists of items that can help fulfill a family's basic needs, and bring something special to their holidays. Remember that there are simply wish lists, and anything you can contribute is very much appreciated.

1. Specific Wish List items are included when possible.  Gift cards are listed when it's best for the family to select their own clothes/shoes, items, or food.  (GC = Gift Card)

2. If a store is not listed for a Gift Card Wish List item, WALMART is the best choice.

3. Clothes, coats, shoes, cleats:  Any requested item that requires a size should be given as a gift card. 

4. Additional Gifts: If your family has requested mostly or solely gift cards, please consider giving the kids an additional item that is small and age/gender appropriate. Please note that most of the kids are homeless and can't have things that are big and cumbersome because they are moving often.  Suggested items are:
    a. For the family:  A game, tin of chocolate covered pretzels, candy canes
    b. For girls:  warm fuzzy socks/scarves, make-up/nail polish
    c. For boys:  A game/Rubik’s cube/cards
    d. Many of the kids would benefit from learning games such as Scrabble, Uno, Bingo, Yahtzee, Boggle, Checkers, I-spy Ready to Read, etc 

5. Board Games: If one of your family members requests a board game, think about your own favorite games and consider if it would be a fit for the age and gender of the family member who is asking. Learning games are very helpful (see above #4 for ideas). 

6. Since there may not be enough Wish List items for each WCT student to bring one in, students may go in together or please consider having them bring in gift cards which are always so incredibly helpful and appreciated. 

7. We all have something to give!  If you can’t give a gift or gift card, please consider writing a note or making a card.
THANK YOU for changing the holiday story for these families!  

Lindsay Walker,
Dec 2, 2016, 11:30 AM