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Allred, Laura Social Studies/Athletics Sixth and 7th Social Studies Website Email 
Avasthi-Frinzi, Kiran Counseling Counselor Website Email 
Bacon, Erika Administration Assistant Principal  Email 
Barbier, Erin Foreign Language French, Tech Apps Website Email 
Bayona, Dominique English English Website Email 
Benitez, Fred Special Programs/Services Educational Technologist Website Email 
Bethke, Angel Fine Arts Theatre Website Email 
Blackshire, Tyler PE/Athletics PE/Athletics Website Email 
Blankenburg, Lisa Foreign Language Chinese Website Email 
Bowerman, Teresa English 6th, 8th Grade English Website Email 
Brandenburg, Barry Foreign Language Latin Website Email 
Bridges, Abby Administration Assistant Principal  Email 
Cabaza-Perez, Judy Electives Teen Skills Website Email 
Carter, Veronica English 7th, 8th Grade English Website Email 
Castaneda, Stephanie Math 8th Grade Math Website Email 
Catalano, Christy Counseling Counselor Website Email 
Ciccarelli, Mike Science, PE Science, History, Math Website Email 
Clayton, Vanessa English, Social Studies, Science, Math  Website Email 
Compton, Elizabeth Fine Arts Orchestra Website Email 
Cowin, Sylvia Math, Science, Social Studies Math, Science, Study Skills Website Email 
Craft, Michelle Foreign Language Spanish Website Email 
Dealy, Diane Administration Principal's Secretary  Email 
Ellis, Rebekah English 6th Grade ELA Website Email 
Finch, E. Amber Math 6th, 8th Grade Math Website Email 
Floyd, Erin Athletics/ Science Athletics/ 7th Grade Science Website Email 
Franks, Sharene Math/ Intervention Math/ Intervention Website Email 
French, Eric Special Programs/Services Science, History Website Email 
Gammill, Connie Athletics/ PE 6th Grade PE, Aerobic Activity and Athletics Website Email 
Geering, Gabe Math Geometry Website Email 
Girardeau, Marissa Special Services ESL/ Student Services Website Email 
Glover, Susan Fine Arts Band Website Email 
Goldschmidt, Katy Special Programs/Services Study Skills Website Email 
Graeber, Andrew Athletics, Social Studies Athletics, 6th Grade Social Studies Website Email 
Gray, Jason  Social Studies 7th Social Studies Website Email 
Gunter, Colleen Special Programs/Services Study Skills Website Email 
Gunter, Debra Fine Arts Choir Website Email 
Hanley, David Math, Science, Social Studies, English English, Study Skills  Email 
Hense, Lindsay Special Services Study Skills Website Email 
Hotchkiss, Brett Science 7th Grade Science Website Email 
Hummel, Leigh Special Programs/Services Technology Aide  Email 
Jackson, Donna Counseling Counselor Website Email 
Jander, Robin Athletics/Adapted PE/Health Athletics, Adapted PE, Health Website Email 
Johnston, Julie Science 7th Grade Science Website Email 
Jones, Chris Study Skills Study Skills Website Email 
Jones, Kimberly Speech Language Pathology Speech Language Pathology Website Email 
Kight, Josh Fine Arts Art Website Email 
Kolls, Taylor Special Programs/Services Study Skills Website Email 
Kriese, Tracy English 7th Grade English Website Email 
Lim, Isaac Science 8th Grade Science Website Email 
Martinez, Angel Special Programs/Services LSSP Website Email 
Martinez, Patricia Library Librarian Website Email 
McDonald, Bill Math Algebra 2 Website Email 
McKenney, Jamie Campus Support Specialist Campus Support Specialist/Interventionist Website Email 
Miller, April Math 6th, 7th Grade Math Website Email 
Miller, Cheryl Office Front Office Secretary  Email 
Miller, Lauren English 8th Grade English Website Email 
Moore, Julie Social Studies 7th Grade Texas History Website Email 
Morreale, Gina Social Studies 8th Social Studies Website Email 
Munn, Lee Electives PE  Email 
Navarro, Steve Health/PE Health, PE Website Email 
Pruitt, Patrick Social Studies, Athletics Social Studies, Athletics Website Email 
Raygor, Gary Math Algebra Website Email 
Reese, Carol Special Programs/ Services GT/ Above and Beyond Website Email 
Richards, Ann Special Programs/Services Math, English Website Email 
Rue, Chris Science 6th, 8th Grade Science Website Email 
Ryan, Rachel Foreign Language Spanish Website Email 
Sapp, Alena Math, Science Math, Science Website Email 
Schoch, Lorie English 7th Grade English Website Email 
Schwartz, Brittany Life Skills Life Skills  Email 
Sifner, Steve Fine Arts Choir  Email 
Silva, Diana English 6th Grade English Website Email 
Simmerson, Gretchen Math 6th, 8th Grade Math Website Email 
Snouffer, Andrea Fine Arts Choir Website Email 
Spinks, Amanda Special Programs/Services Special Education Website Email 
Spodick, Jason Electives Tech Systems, Robotics Website Email 
Spraberry, Justin Social Studies/ Athletics Social Studies/ Boys Athletics Website Email 
Stary, Marti Science 6th Grade Science Website Email 
Still, Kendall Administration Principal  Email 
Tate, Alanna Fine Arts Band Website Email 
Taylor, Lindsey Special Services Instructional Partner  Email 
Templeton, Kathleen English English, Language Arts Website Email 
Thomas, Cynthia Math Algebra/Geometry Website Email 
Vickers, Ricky Social Studies 6th Grade Social Studies Website Email 
Walker, Lindsay CTE Web &graphic Design, Gaming & Animation, Math Website Email 
Webb, Rebecca Science 6th Grade Science Website Email 
Whites, Barry Social Studies 8th Grade History Website Email 
White, Todd Science 8th Grade IPC Website Email 
Wissman, Ellen Math 7th Grade Math Website Email 
Wright, Keith Electives PE/Athletics, Yearbook, Tech Apps  Email 
Showing 89 items