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WRMS Volleyball

2016 West Ridge Volleyball Schedule

9/1     Thursday     @ Hudson Bend

9/8     Thursday     @ Lake Travis

9/15     Thursday      bye    Team Pictures

9/22     Thursday    vs Dripping Springs

9/24      Saturday    Lake Travis A Tournament

9/29      Thursday     @ Hill Country

9/30 & 10/1  Friday, Saturday    Georgetown A and B Tournament

10/6     Thursday     vs Hudson Bend

10/13     Thursday     vs Lake Travis

10/20     Thursday     bye

10/27     Thursday     @ Dripping Springs

10/31   Monday     vs Hill Country

Game Times: 4:15    5:15     6:30

Front Gym:                8B        8A

Back Gym:     7C       7A        7B

7th Grade Practice will begin at 7:15 am and continue through 1st period Athletics.

8th Grade Practice will begin in 7th Period Athletics and will go to 5:00pm


7th Grade: Connie Gammill
8th Grade: Robin Jander