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Alert Concerning Alternative Methods for Earning High School Core Credit

posted Aug 14, 2012, 7:18 AM by EISD webmaster

Board Policies:

Alternative Methods for Earning Credit by Examination without Prior Instruction

Alternative Methods for Earning Credit by Examination with Prior Instruction

Alternative Methods for Earning Credit College Course Work/Dual Credit

Alternative Methods for Earning Credit Distance Learning


If a student chooses an alternative method for required core course credit, then additional conditions apply to graduates of 2015 and beyond. 


Core Courses:

·         English I, II, and III

·         Algebra I, II and Geometry

·         Biology, Chemistry and Physics

·         World Geography, World History, and US History


·         Pass course according to the following paths

o   Summer School (minimum of 70 required)

o   Correspondence (minimum of 70 required)

o   Credit by Exam with Prior Instruction (minimum of 70 required)

o   Credit by Exam for Advancement without Prior Instruction (minimum of 90 required)

o   Dual Enrollment (minimum of  a 2.0 required)


In previous years, the above paths resulted in the student earning credit; however, now students must also:

·         Pass STAAR End of Course Exam (hereafter referred to as EOC Exam) offered only in the following months

o   March/May*

o   July

o   November/December*

The district’s concern for students’ success surrounds the lapse in time between any of the paths and the actual offering of the EOC Exams.  Students choosing any of the paths are responsible for preparing for the EOC Exam and should consider the gap in time and the demands of independent preparation.  For example, a student passing a summer school course in late July will not take the EOC Exam until November or December*. It is also important to note that alternative methods for obtaining credit do not provide the foundation and depth of instruction that a full-year Westlake course provides.  This may impact a student’s results not only on the STAAR EOC Exam but also on ACT and SAT exams.

If you have further questions concerning alternative methods for obtaining high school course credit, contact the WHS counseling office prior to the end of the school year.

*Due to the time required for scoring student essays, End of Course Exams in ELA are given earlier than other core course exams.